Spells & spell Breaking

In order to pinpoint the problem at hand, a Pyramid layout would be used, and then the problem would be addressed. Depending on the issue, and the urgency of the matter, a spell or ritual would be used.

Magic is neither good or bad. It is the intent behind it that makes it 'good' or 'evil'. I use a variety of magic spells and rituals to make things work for people, ranging from modern day Tarot spells to the more intricate rituals of Egyptian magic, where pyramid power is used, with the invocation of one of the Egyptian deities to assist.

If you wish to make use of this service, a short background of the problem or situation must be forwarded, along with your full name and date of birth.

If this is used to address a problem for someone else, their full name, surname and date of birth must be submitted. The spells vary in 'reaction' to the problem. Some work within three days. Others may only work after a week, depending on the type of ritual or invocation used.

Easy Money Spell

Money, Money, come to Me
Come to me today
as I speak so it mote be!
(Clap your hands three times.)

The secret of this spell is to do it often, say the words loud and clap your hands hard!

I have a very good spell/chant for providing protection and I would like to share it. It calls upon fire elementals.

Creatures of fire, this charge I give,
No evil in my presence live,
No phantom, spook, nor spell my stay
Around this place, not night or day.
Hear my will addressed to thee.
And as my work, so mote it be!

Ancient Magic
Tree of Life

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