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It was through a friend of my youngest daughter that I first met SilverJade. C, (M, my daughters best friend) said – “ You’ve got to go and see SilverJade, she is fantastic “ And so, with very mixed feelings of excitement and much trepidation, I phoned to make a booking with this woman.

Her voice at the other end of the phone gave nothing away. She sounded a little impatient and busy … and .. Just get on with it!

The day arrived when I was to meet with SilverJade … Monday, it was and I shall never forget that day. I set off for her place.

C had given me directions – ringing the bell on the outside gate, I realized I had forgotten to ask where in the block she lived – I knew the number and after many efforts, much reversing, I finally found her place (silly me … I could just have asked when she let me in at the gate) … to find a feature of peace and serenity so I sat and watched the water falling gently outside – I remember too that she had a client or shall I call her a patient for after all this woman, is remarkable I was later to find out … and whilst I waited I got talking to a young girl who told me her life story and how SilverJade had helped her … she was busy going through a divorce ( Oh – what memories this brought back to me ) but she was with the help of SilverJade, at least thinking with her head and not with her heart as I did !!
Slowly I started to calm down … I remember thinking to my self – hey C, she cannot read your mind! … Can she?

My turn and into this small room went I, again mixed feelings because after all … why could I not sort out my own life and here I was going against everything the Church preached? Hallo C, this person hopefully will give you something you need, and it is a gift she has and if she can help …. Never mind anything else.

I wanted to ask so many many questions but everything was a blank until SilverJade started talking, WOW ! How did she know my great sadness … how did she know so much about me … just by looking and reading cards that I had divided for her! My respect for her grew … and I saw her in a different light – she really cared! She could see right through this front that I had put up – the Scorpio thing I have always called it – and saw me – saw that I could also grow again .. and saw a future for me and a place on earth for me! Since that visit SilverJade has made a huge difference in my life .. She told me I would get money, and I would be happy and I would find a man (did I really want to I asked myself – yes / no / yes / no??) and many other questions were answered but in my state I don’t remember too much further other than I felt totally different when I left – I felt like living again ….

My second visit to SilverJade, my life had changed and I knew that I was sad again …. and so negative, nothing positive could or would be let in .. SilverJade said .. and this for me was almost the end of my world – why could I not hear what I wanted to hear … that EVERYTHING in my life was going to be good !

My third visit to SilverJade – a totally awesome experience for there was the hope again … and I realized too that SilverJade herself puts up a front sometimes – she is also a Scorpio I found out and I know that one of my weaknesses is that I drive myself too hard and have little or no confidence that I will succeed … but here again SilverJade told me that I could be saved.

I think that she herself has not had an easy life and perhaps this is what makes her understand me so well … but SilverJade has discovered her talent and uses it to the best of her ability – helping others …

She is sometimes tired when I see her some days and I think she too deals with the problems of the many who some and see her .. but SilverJade has also taught me … that you don’t have to be the best .. you just have to be your best – what the rest of the world things – tough !!

She told me too how she struggled at first with her weight – a major issue in my life – and now … she is okay with it !

She is helping me now with meditation – and has the confidence that I can give classes – now how good is that !!

Thank you for passing on your spiritualism and strength to me !


"C" – Me myself and I – complicated and intense and emotional

Everything I do has to be perfect … my home is “ me “ – peaceful – serene and perfect – for me - and I love it !

Perhaps because most times I have total control of what happens at there ?

I like to be in control and find it extremely difficult to work for someone – respect in life has to be earned and I don’t suffer fools lightly and I don’t have respect for the people that I work with – perhaps failure or perhaps because I know that I am better than them … not in looks or anything like that, but that I would be able to handle a situation far better than both my bosses !

Here is my story...

Many years ago on the 29th August, I married the man who was my world !

Amazingly, out of all the girls who ran continuously after him – this man had chosen me … so in my life there was to be a happy ever after. I remember thinking on our wedding day, that as I was a year older than R, I would die before him and so would never had to live without him - Thinking back, I was so naïve – we went out such a lot for R loved “ action “ he was bored at home !

He loves to be the centre of everything, and the little mouse that was me never ever answered back .. why this husband of mine was fantastic – perfect – we used to fight a lot over my jealousy because he was always with other women – charming and so good looking – I had a hard time coping and secretly … I don’t think that I ever really managed to cope with him.

N was born three years after our marriage and my life changed … R’s life – not a chance – he was still running comrades marathons, playing competition squash, duzi river marathons and if ever anyone was short of a squash partner – he was there ! And so were the girls ! The little mouse fell pregnant two years later with our second little angel and this wonderful husband went to war in Angola – the first of the married men to be called up to fight for their country – I went back to work – a travel agency who had long wanted my services … hey I even had to learn to speak Afrikaans again having lost it all whilst working in Johannesburg ( used to work for a company called G of L ) dropped off every day by bus at Kf’s corner and walked the 12 blocks down to WORK and walked the 12 blocks back each afternoon in the rains we used to get in those days – groceries in packets in both hands – and the bus driver and passengers - hey we all knew each other .. but R, well he used the car for after all that is what husbands did!

N went to Nursery school and every afternoon I fetched her and took her to her nanny at home to spend time with the friends living in the area until I got home .. and this precious daughter and I had “ our own time “ – Easter time our soldier returned – a different man with many secrets in his life – N did not know her father and did not want to know him, and in May my other little angel was born .. and so life continued for me, raising two beautiful girls, running a home and cleaning for that is something I have always enjoyed – cleanses the soul I think – and the overseas trips for the man became more and more frequent – afterall my man was progressing in the business world – studying too, and then with everything on his plate got his degree and then simply continued with life .. thinking back now I carried the full load of everything – responsibility – sex life non existent for as I was told – on many many occasions, more than I care to remember … I was frigid ! and so I learnt to believe that I was ( funny how you become convinced that you are not worthy to be … just by someone telling you small things – hey I could not even get an instant meal for my husband – for to find out that it was not home cooked – it was in inability on my part … for all the other wives did this and the meal was simply thrown away … but now and again a little rebellion still left – an instant meal cooked, and put into a “house hold “ dish and the instant meal packet thrown away in the outside bin … and we were none the wiser

And so life continued until a dinNenr paRty at my best friends house – there ws other guests and amongst them Ne to whom I took an instand dislike … perhaps because she hd no time or me and spent the tntire eening talking to my charming husband … or perhaps because this girl, after meeting me for the first time, told J ( my best friend in the whole world … who told me .. not to cause mayhem in my life .. but because she truly cares ) that she had never come across such a little brown mouse and I wold loose this husband ) .. how true was that … over the years my life was my children, my work and m home, ballet classes, music lessons, children parties – hey I recall a time when we were at a ballet concert and my car wouldn’t start – I was at this stage driving a small datsun whilst the man drove his big car – and I could not get the car to start – late at night – it took a huge boere seun to push the car to get in finally started – next morning God’s assistant as I came to call R saw the huge dent boere seun had made in the side door as he help me … never said a word but pushed the dent out from the inside of the car … and then .. came the day I had to go into hospital for my hysterectomy – scared but thrilled because after this my life would change – no more period pains, no more drama – no more fear of more babies and my husband, why he would love me again and life would be great – yeah right !

Monday out of hospital and out to dinner with my husband – me to celebrate – hell the last thing I actually felt like was going out – but hey a new start … yeah, R to tell me he wanted a divorce to marry Ju, the love of his life who he had met on the Swiss ski slopes – understand that this business man of mine travelled extensively and after many winter trips – always had to fit in a week’s ski-ing before coming home – was his mother thrilled at the news – oh yes – for now her favourite son could marry into the right class !

I remember my Mom coming to the house every afternoon on her way back from work to take me shopping for whatever – I was numb … and I remember going on holiday with the two girls and my Mom – she said my eyes were wild the whole time and I could not talk – I remember too R saying – not to tell anyone at this time – we would do things quietly – how blind is that …. Now I see just how he played with my emotions – no wonder I was such a wreck … he moved out and moved back the next day – and I took him back – then he moved out after two weeks – and I sold the house ….. bought a town house near the school and this made life easier for me – not so far to travel to and from work with the girls … and I remember too sitting outside after they had gone to bed, wondering what would happen with me …. What was left but as my cousin told me the other day – six months ago – wish that I had known her before … that I was in survival mode … how wise is that and from then on … and with SJ’s help I am making a difference to me !!

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