I have a body, but I am not my body, although I promise to look after this body I live in. Keep it in good health. That body is not me. I am Soul.

Healing is something that works in many ways. It works through spells, herbal treatment, positive thinking and healers.

Healers use the Positive Force they are given to help correct the imbalance that causes illness.

Set a goal of good health for yourself, combining nutrition, care, positive thoughts and exercise.


I swear by RUE, the use of a herb that is so versatile, that it is used for many things, ranging from protection, to the treatment of cancer and heart ailments. A plant that needs no fussy watering or light, it grows easily in most areas into a strong shrub with a bright yellow flower. Of course there are many herbs that works wonders and this is an invitation to the herbalists to share their knowledge with me if they so wish Other Herbs used in Healing:

  • Calming Essence, 5-flower Remedy, or Rescue Remedy:
    Helps during emergency or stress situations.
  • Crabapple:
    Aids in cleansing and poor self image.
  • Feverfew:
    particularly recommended for migraine sufferers.
  • Olive:
    Helps those physically and mentally exhausted from a long ordeal.
  • Star of Bethlehem:
    Helps soothe those suffering from traumas and serious stress.
  • Sweet Chestnut:
    Eases extreme suffering for those at their limits of endurance.
  • Walnut:
    Helps adjustment during transitional periods

Stand in front of a mirror or visualise yourself standing in front of a big mirror. Study your body, spreading your arms upwards and outwards. See yourself in your mind as a tree. A strong healthy tree, drawing sustenance from Mother Earth. Feel the sunlight in the 'leaves' in your body. Draw power from the Sun and Eart. Feel it go through your body, becoming strong and healthy. Look in the mirror and see not what you look like in the present, but as you would like to be - the 'contented, well cared for self radiating beauty and health and confidence Say these words with as much feeling as you can:

I feel power course through my body purified and purged.
Every part of my body becomes healthy.
I value my body.
I care for it's shape.
I feed my body with healthy food and think good thoughts.
My body is in harmony with my mind.
I am a whole and healthy being!
As I speak ! so it mote be!

Healing Meditation

Relax in the way most comfortable for you. Visualise that there is a blue star just above your head. It shines brightly with a beautiful dark blue colour. Now visualise it bursting into millions of little stars and these stars flood your body with energy, good health and light.

Feel it working through you. Feel any discomfort, illness or stress being healed by all these tiny blue stars and feel the calmness in your mind. Emotions coming to be at peace and your body quiet, relaxed, being healed.

Crystal Healing

There are various crystals and precious/semi-precious stones that are used successfully in healing: Use a Laser Crystal, cleansing it and activating it to assist you in healing yourself or others. The tigerseye, a semi precious stone is used successfully if placed on the solar plexus, to protect against psychic attacks.

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