Courses are availble and are handled in three ways:

  • You may attend in person, once a week. The length of the courses vary from 2 months for a course which involves the introduction to wicca and meditation, to three months for a basic course in magic.
  • If you are unable to attend a course in person it is availble by Email , in which case you'd recieve a satchel or Email with all the details of the course with back up and assistance provided, either by phone or eMail
  • I can be found on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) using the nickname annelize on Dalnet and Austnet or SilverJade on Zanet. If you see me, message me for online assistance.

Courses Available via Email or in person (if you live close enough) with eMail and Online Assistance

  • Meditation Course
    A basic course teaching relaxation techniques and meditation, including astral travel and meeting your guardian angel.
    Length of the course: 6 modules

  • The Quabalah and the Mystical and Magical Paths
    The ancient wisdom of the Quabalah.
    Length of the course: 6 modules

  • Egyptian Magic and Pyramid Power
    Learn the ancient rituals of Egypt and the use of pyramid power.
    Length of the course: 10 modules

  • Modern Day Magic 1
    A basic course for the beginner.
    Length of the course: 5 modules

  • Modern day Magic 2
    For the advanced student.
    Length of the course: 10 modules

  • Teachings of Lemuria and Atlantis
    A short but concise course on the ancient times.
    Length of the course: 3 modules

  • Advanced magic
    Various rituals and spells. Not for the novice.

  • Tarot courses enabling you to read any deck

The prices of all the above courses will be supplied on request via Email.
Other courses are also available on request.
Please eMail me for further details and rates on the above.


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