Readings & Advice

Readings are done in two ways:
  • In person, if you stay in the Johannesburg area.
  • Through a telephone call, or via email.
If a reading and advice is sought by way of the telephone or email, it is important to forward the following details:
  • Your full name and surname.
  • Time and date of birth if available.
  • Indicate whether you want a personal or business forecast.
  • Forward a list of questions.
The reading is done with the assistance of a guide and the use of Tarot Cards and
consists of:
  • A pyramid layout
    This is a detailed spread that looks at past, present, future and distant future develpment and takes subconsious dreams and hopes into definate situations.
  • A half moon layout
    This spread will lift out seven major issues in your current situation and hi-light the problem as well as its solution.
  • A Celtic Cross layout
    This reading concentrates on the problems at hand. What causes it. Hopes and fears and outcome of the situation.
  • A year layout
    The Tarot Cards are used to give a short, month by month forecast for the next twelve months.
  • Questions and answers
    The list of questions is addressed with definate answers and advice

Rates for Tarot Readings

There are 3 options available:

  • A full, comphrehensive reading for the next year.
  • A reading for the next three months.
  • An issue spread.

I prefer not to quote actual prices online. Please eMail me for rates on the above.


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