Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How accurate are you as a psychic?
It is very difficult to determine the exact moment something is going to happen. A psychic can pinpoint an issue and the estimated time something should happen. We are however influenced by people and situations around us that can bring forward or slightly delay what is supposed to happen. A good psychic is as accurate as her/his perception and analysis of the information received.

Q. Are you evil?
No person is just good or bad. I believe that it is intent that makes something evil. We all have positive and negative forces in us and have to keep them balanced. No. I am not evil! :)

Q. Can you fix this problem for me?
I promise that I will do everything in my power to help you with your problem. Be careful, however, in what you ask from me. What is important to you now might not even interest you in a few months. Ask yourself carefully why you want something. What do you benefit from something happening? Does it affect others around you? I dont believe that one can be selfish in wicca. I do believe that it is your right to ask for certain things providing you take responsibility for your actions at all times.

Q. Isnt it against your ethics to charge to help someone?
It would be great if I could help everyone for free. I could too if someone feeds me, pays my rent, and provides for my children. Helping someone means I am occupied for a period of time. It is this time you pay for, not the information or help that you receive.

Q. What do I gain by looking at my past lives?
We use the knowledge of past lives as a tool to improve the present life we are in now.

Q. Why should i look to the tarot as opposed to some other form of divination?
There are various others forms of divination. I don't believe in knocking any forms of divination or religion at all. I myself use other forms of divination. You may look at other methods in a geniune search for answers. Again, ask yourself, what is it I wish to gain from this?

I invite you to email me with any other questions you may have. Good questions, which other people may also be interested in the answers to will be posted, along with an answer from me.


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